Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Education, education, education

It's been my busiest time in schools from Seniors down to Nursery and I've really enjoyed it. Lovely response from students with enthusiastoc responses. Here's a poem one of the classes and I wrote together.

Keep writin' and recitin'


We are
We are:
Messing around with friends
A Disneyland parade.
The Goblin King made from Lego
Dogs with puns for names (Pepsi and Max)
We are:
Aaron Lennon just after he’s scored
The best ride at Alton Towers
A big bacon sandwich
(But not just before the best ride at Alton Towers)
We are:
A sixteen ounce steak (medium rare) with matchstick fries
A perfect backflip from a bridge into water
The finest hot chocolate with cream and flakes
We are funny, like my brother flooding the toilet!
We are:
A family visit to Anfield stadium
We are watching “The Watch”
Then watching it again straightaway
We are shopping with Georgina
We are:
Jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day
The top score at Bad Piggies
Thirty prawns scoffed in a minute
(Another kind of bad piggy)
We are:
Tickets to West Ham for a birthday
A holiday in Spanish sunshine
Proving to my sister I AM right!
We are, being surprised by a hamster!


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