Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Breaking News

Ok I admit, a lot of this news has already “broke” due to excessive sloth on my part in not updating the blog for a couple of minths. So here is a thumbnail sketch on activities (personal and public) since last October.

• It became clear in October that my Dad had fallen very ill. Sadly, his condition rapidly deteriorated and he passed away on 1 November. This naturally absorbed a lot of my time and attention and I honoured most of the gigs in my diary but didn’t look for too many more.

• I did enjoy all the gigs I did around this time and I was pleased as my Dad was a performer too so I felt I was performing in his memory. I had a bizarre mix of wonderful experiences which included performing at Laughter Track Comedy Club in Oxford, playing at the Stables in Milton Keynes (a renowned music venue) and reading at the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire Community Church Service.

• In January, I was advised that redundancies were likely at my workplace. After twenty years in Financial Services, I was ready for a change of pace so I decided to make a go of being a full time creative artist using the redundancy money as a financial cushion. I am now a professional! (Yes my appearance fees have gone up!)

• Also in January, I was honoured to receive the Farrago Zoo Award for “Best performance by a UK Poet”. Many thanks to those who voted and John Paul for his continuing commitment to staging Poetry Slams and giving so many poets a stage for their talent. I am amazed at his sticking power for keeping events going for so long.

• I continue to write and perform as Milton Keynes’ Poet Laureate and a poem I wrote in support of Milton Keynes bid for City Status was sent to the Queen in a Christmas Card by the council. I performed it on BBC 3 Counties radio as part of my regular Wednesday morning breakfast show slot (104.5 FM if you’re in MK) and it turned into a piece on the website, a piece on Anglia news and local press.

So to bring you right up to date, I’ve finished “work” work and I’ve started living the life of a full time poet and writer. Early signs are encouraging but I need ideas and leads to turn into real work, so please give me a shout if I can help with anything!

The most immediate events you might be interested in are:

Best of Bucks Talent show at Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury , Sunday 18th March.

I’ve made the final of this show which is in a big posh 1200 seater theatre. The host is Bobby Davro and there will be a celebrity judging panel including Dave Lee Travis. Tickets are £10.

Waltham Forest festival of Theatre

My one act play “Being Nice” opens this festival of one act plays at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Chingford. Tickets are £7/£4

Keep writin’ and recitin’


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