Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I walk with Squirrels!

I had a great week last week! I had my first week as poet in residence at University Centre, Milton Keynes This has given me a base to work from and somehow, I seem to get more done than when at home.

It's been a week of learning, attending workshops and catching up with people as well as gigs.  I continue to learn poems for the debut of "Poetry Jukebox" at Wenlock Poetry Festival  and this where the title of this post comes from. I'm getting up early to canal along the canal whilst trying to learn the thirty classic poems that form the basis of the show. This morning, I seemed to see a lot of squirrels and as I walked, read and recited, they seemed to acompany me from tree to tree.

I confess to feeling a wonderful sense of freedom at the moment. Perhaps it's the honeymoon feeling of goinf full time but this morning at 9am having walked for an hour and invigorated by the testostorone-laden verse of WE Henley's Invictus, I found an outward expression of the inner freedom. I went for a ride on a zip-wire in a children's playground. Yep! That's right! An eighteen-stone, 48 year-old man at 9am on a beautiful sunny day, when most sensible people are settling in top desks for the day, I rode on a zip wire! It wasn't too long and the gradient didn't seem that steep so I guessed the ride would be a piece of cake. And so it was. Stopping however was a different matter! It is amazing the momentum that can be built up in such a short ride and to be literally pulled up short had a jarring effect. I just about held on and continued my walk home with a smile on my face. 

I leave you with a little poem inspired by the week's news.

Keep writin' and recitin'


An unpopular opinion

I like David Cameron
I think he's a very nice guy.
He's makes a great Prime Minister
At least, the best that money can buy!

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