Friday, 20 April 2012

NaPoWriMo 20/30 Latest poem


We are the faithful,
waiting for sun.
We believe in the sun,
we know the sun,
know beyond doubt he will be here soon.
We have felt his love,
our skins show our devotion:
from the lobster of new disciples
to the deep mahogany
of long time apostles.

While we wait for the sun,
we discuss the sun;
the time he appeared yesterday
and how glorious that was,
how clouds tried to thwart him
but because he loves us so much,
he overcame the clouds
and blessed us with his presence.
We drank wine and broke bread
and rejoiced by the taking off of clothes.

Some were baptised in the pool
and others just donned sunglasses
in honour of him, overcome with thanks.
It is late in the afternoon now
and still we keep the faith.
Cream and oil waits to anoint us
towels lie ready to be our shrouds;
surely he will not disappoint us today
when we love him so fiercely
and have spent so much on air fares?

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