Saturday, 28 April 2012

NaPoWriMo 28/30 Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter

Just when you think the waters are safe,
that there’s air to breathe
and walking upright is normal again,
it strikes.

A freak wave,
or rogue wind
turns you cartwheels
with a sucker punch.

Today Dad came calling
and I’m breathless,
head swims in an
ether-induced haze.

If nothing exists in a vacuum
how does nothing
manages to hurt so much
leaving scars on scars?

As is the way of the English,
I fight fire with tea,
dunk biscuits the way my
mind soaks in memories.

But you can’t drink tea
with a stiff upper lip.
As I sip his voice echoes
and a smile returns.

Not at a remembrance,
but how awkward he would find this;
emotion, outward displays of affection
and the lack of decent biscuits in the south.


  1. Bizarre: just spent the evening re-drafting two poems about my Dad.

    Thoroughly enjoying your NaPoWriMo poems, Mark (and still have 'My Half of the Fridge' blutacked on mine).
    Any immediate plans to perform in Leicester?

    1. Hi Jayne,

      Closest to you soon is Nottingham on 28 June at a gig called Speech Therapy. Happy to come to Leicester if any gigs want to book me. I'll be on Radio 2 on Thursday 10 May. Thanks for the encouraging comments. Mark x