Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mark Niel is a bad dog!

Mark Niel is a bad dog! Bad, bad dog. In your basket and don’t move for a fortnight!

I have neglected both blog and website so a long overdue review has now taken place. 2012 was a fantastic year in terms of artistic satisfaction and happiness. It’s only that fickle mistress money that has eluded me. So now, I am a proper poet!

The end of the year was busy and culminated in fantastic workshops and Slam in MK schools (for the MK Dons Sports and Educational Trust); a great gig (supporting Jenny Eclair); picking up an engagement as a speaker on a Cruise Ship over Christmas and then finding I have made the final of the New Act of the Year Competition at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 27 January! (As I believe the modern vernacular has it: Whoop, whoop! 
I'm thrilled to be representing Poetry on the big stage and I hope I don't let you down!
So I promise to be good and keep you better informed this year. Thanks to everyone who supported me. I hope you had a great Christmas and may you snog the face off 2013!


I should give more to charity.

I should walk and not drive the car.

I should really join Amnesty.

I should refrain from eating Foie Gras.


I should eat less cholesterol.

I should eat more greens.

I should drink less alcohol.

I really should avoid baked beans.


I should be better at recycling,

Use brown and green special bins.

I should pop less pills except for

Minerals and vitamins.


I should eat more fruit.

I should once visit the gym.

I should read more Proust

Well, at least one book by him.


I should watch more documentaries;

Listen to the Classics, not greatest hits.

I should visit more galleries

And try not to shout “But that’s shit”!


All these things I’ll try, my mind is set

To be the best I can.

Because, like Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets”,

You make me want to be a better man

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