Friday, 11 January 2013

New Year, New Book, New Opportunities

So, how is your 2013 so far? Fine, dandy and bursting with goodness I hope. If not, I hope it turns around and comes to heel soon. I have a fairly busy diary for January after a great Christmas experience as I unexpectedly was asked to be a guest speaker on a Cruise Ship. I’ll just let that sink in before adding….to Barbados! 

This was definitely the best unpaid gig I’ve ever done. In exchange for six 45 minutes talks, D and I left Southampton on 16 December and spent eleven days at sea cruising to Barbados. Sadly, almost as soon as we got there, we had to fly back but we enjoyed the trip immensely and I learned some important things:

1 The Bay of Biscay is a Grumpy sod in December

2 I do NOT get seasick! This was a relief as I was the first speaker on the first morning at sea and nothing disrupts a poetry talk and reading quite like projectile vomiting.

3 No books on cruising tell you how to put your pants on in  when the sea has a 15 metre  swell. This should be on page one dammit!

The guests were sweethearts and enjoyed my talks and even bought my new book.  I collated and had printed the book printed in super quick time to be ready for the Cruise. It’s called Somewhere South of Normal and please email me at for details  of how to get a copy with free Post and Packing to Uk addresses.  

So the end of last year was a good one and I feel as if I’m carrying some momentum into 2013. Gigs continue with The AntiPoet in the Rhythm Method Tour and I will be addressing two Rotary Clubs in MK this month. Poetry Slams in MK schools continue as I am working towards the final of the new Act of the Year Competition.
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Keep writin’ and recitin’ 


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