Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow and Snot.

What should have been a busy week was wrecked by the weather and that special kind of evil for spoken word artists; the nasty, hanging-around, chesty, sore-throaty, snotty coldy sort of illness you can do without. In spite of a couple of cancelled gigs and a School Slam, I managed to get some admin and marketing done and managed to rebook most stuff.

So this weekend is the New Act of the Year final where I’ll be carrying the torch for Milton Keynes and Poetry so I’m looking forward to that with that specific mixture of excitement and fear that performers know only too well. Many thanks to the twenty of so friends that are coming down in support.

There is another high profile gig on the horizon and I’ll post details of that next week. I was also delighted to get a mention in the Chortle website weekly round up for a comedy tweet this week. See the bottom of Chortle's Round Up Page

Here’s a little poem about the weather and how we (don’t) cope with it! 

Best wishes, Keep writin’ and recitin’

Mark x

Big Freeze
I’ve had enough of the
Snow in this nation
It’s like we’re been placed in
Suspended animation
Gigs have been cancelled
Meetings postponed
I long for the face to face
Instead of laptops and phones
There’s been too much coffee
And too much coughing
Too many plans
Have come to nothing
I’m going stir crazy
I’ve got cabin fever
I’m drugged  up on Benylin
And let’s face it, we either
Learn how to function or hibernate
When weather turns nippy
They manage it in Canada
So how hard can it be?

Where’s the Dunkirk Spirit?
Our Stiff Upper Lip and cool head?
Give me a call in the Spring
I’m off back to bed.

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