Saturday, 4 April 2015

A late start but welcome to NaPoWriMo 2015

1 April


Sorry for the late start to National Poetry Writing Month 2015. I have been working as a guest speaker on a Cruise Ship with limited access to the internet and unable to post until now. I will catch up on the poems over the first few days.


The first poem is inspired by the thought that NaPoWriMo starts on April Fool’s Day. The second is a Limerick. On board the ship, we ran a Limerick competition for the guests and I wrote the latter poem as a fresh example.


Best wishes and keep writin’ and recitin’


Mark x


Asymmetry and all that.


She made me her April Fool.

Enjoyed the experience so much

kept me on for the year.

Me, smitten, and she knew it.

Permanently off-centre

like an unbalanced equation.


Calls - unreturned for days.

Standing outside cinemas in rain,

waiting in vain for her to ghost round the corner.

Parents, waiting at the restaurant,

her at the airport, texting she’s off on a girl’s weekend

that was so last minute and she’d make it up to me.


The problem was, she did.

Just thirty minutes of her undivided attention

would make me liquefy. Her soft focus gaze and honeyed seduction suckered me every time.

The breathlessness of a saloon driver

taking a Ferrari on a track day.


Even the letting go was gentle.

The classic “Look, we need to talk”,

ventured in the gasping dusk of lovemaking.

Not her fault the break was so brutal,

as hard to me as the falling,

a one inch punch swaddled in velvet kisses.



2 April


Tea for Two


A Tea Shop owner of shy, bashful ways,

Declared her love and left me amazed.

She used teas exotic

In ways most erotic.

Yes, she showed me fifty shades of Earl Grey.

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