Monday, 6 April 2015

Catching up: Poem Five

Inspired by the beautiful weather today.


Seurat would love this.

So would Hyacinth Bucket for that matter.

A stunning Easter Monday afternoon

with a body of water to mirror the sunlight.


The crowds are out.

Picnics, bicycles, and ball games

tumbled across the grass like

a dice on green baize.


This is twenty-first century Promenade.

Families and friends power-strutting,

flanked by scooter outriders with

small dogs doing their best impressions of lions.


For an hour, this is a hole in space and time.

The internet is yet to be invented,

evening entertainment was three channels or a book

and politicians resigned on matters of principle.


Walking back to the present day

with sunshine at our backs is

a shot of antidote for modern life.

How long it lasts is to be determined.

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