Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Poem 21 / 30 MK Rose poem



The MK Rose in Campbell Park is a public artwork in Milton Keynes designed by leading artist Gordon Young. It is a circular piazza inspired by the mathematics of a rose window. Marble columns of varying heights rise up from the surface. In the centre is a sculpted marble rosebud.  At the opening event, I noticed quite a few people and touch or pat the top of it and the marble pillars. I mentioned this to Gordon and he said there was a discussion to be had about the psychology of statures and sculptures that were designed to be touched. We haven’t had that conversation as yet but the thought inspired the poem about that centrepiece of the MK Rose and the pillars.
Non Verbal Communication
“Touch has a memory.” John Keats
Touch it for luck
Touch it for love
Touch it to be close to
The one you’re thinking of
Touch it for sorrow
Touch it for joy
Touch it for a girl
Touch it for a boy
Touch it for comfort
To lessen the pain
Touch it in sunshine
Touch it in rain
Touch it for rights
Touch it for wrongs
Touch it in silence
Touch it in song
Touch it for justice
Touch it for peace
Touch it for courage in battle
Or for your war to cease
Touch it for family
Touch it for friends
Touch it for beginnings
Touch it for ends
Touch it in solidarity
Touch it for strength
Touch it close up
Or at arm’s length
Touch it for loss
Touch is for found
Touch it to be silly
Or to think the profound
Touch it for leaving
Or when you return
Touch it to teach and
Touch it to learn
Touch it just briefly
Or embrace it too much
Feel it to rediscover
The power of touch
Touch it in hope or
To bless your new start
Whatever your reason
I hope it touches your heart

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