Friday, 10 April 2015

Poem Nine: Avalanched (They can't all be deep!)

Poem 9 for National Poetry Writing Month. There's no rule saying they all have to be full of existential angst. This one  is as deep as a politician's conscience!

Have a great weekend!

Mark x

I didn’t know what to expect
But it certainly wasn’t this:
Cruel and unusual punishment
Or perhaps Disney taking the piss.
You may say “Children are a blessing
It’s a good path you’re chosen”,
But I swear I will kill if I have to watch
One more song from “Frozen”.
‘Cos now, our little girls
Both think they’re a Princess,
Effectively brainwashed,
Having watched it to excess
Every hour of every day!
Or so it seems to me.
Morning, noon and night
It’s never out of the DVD.
My wife understands.
Whispers softly “Sweetheart, I know.
Try and think of something else,
Just try and Let It Go”
And I say “Don’t you bloody start”!
In a knee jerk reaction.
I’m know Disney are masters of their art
But I’m sure there’s a faction
Of Dads who feel like me  
Even though it’s a classic
That our daughters will still be watching
Until they turn Jurassic.
I don’t want to hear
the chirpy songs anymore
It’s making me feel like
Love is an open sore
That won’t heal
No matter the ointment
And soon I’ll be making
A psychiatrist’s appointment.
I’ll tell him straight
“I’ve lost my get up and go, man”
Worst of all:  erotic dreams  
About Elsa and the snowman
And that’s in my head now
As repetitive as a parrot.
I dare not tell you, in polite company
What he does with the carrot.
I need a lie down
I don’t feel well
A grown man shouldn’t know this much
About fairy tale Arrendelle.
And now on the net, videos abound
Of good looking parents playing around,
Singing and dancing as Anna and the Prince
We try our best but don’t convince,
It’s plain as the look in our kids’ eyes:
The disappointment of failure.
Embarrassed to know us
They wish they could ship us to Australia.

So Disney I implore you
In spite of the wealth,
Please give up plans for a sequel
For our mental health!


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