Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ledbury and Buxton (What a difference a week makes!)

Well, last week I died a death and this week I have the honour to be crowned Ledbury Poetry Festival Slam Champion! Many thanks to Marcus and Sara-Jane from Spiel for running another excellent Slam and to my fellow poets. This was an excellent night of poetry with a real variety of styles from character-based work to lyrical verse. I think this is probably the strongest line up in a Slam I've seen and no wonder as Ledbury is a leading Poetry Festival in the UK.

I have to apologise to my good friend Mac McFadden as we faced each other head to head in the final but there was some great stuff from Adrian Mealing, Heather Wastie, Cat Brogan and Kess Tamblyn (look out for her!) By a very narrow margin, I won out against Mac and brought home a collection of prizes including cider, jam (Prince Charles' Duchy original jam no less) and other lovely bits and pieces.

After a gig in London this Thursday (Bang Said the Gun! at the Roebuck pub in Borough) we get ready to take Tongue in Chic to the Buxton Fringe from 16 to 18 July alongside our sister comedy show from Milton Keynes, "The Bright and Shiny Radio Show". We're at Nat's Kitchen in Market Street and we're looking forward to a great time.

Keep writin' and recitin'