Friday, 23 November 2012

A Poem for Football Managers

Inspired by Chelsea but could be about a lot of clubs.

Press Conference

I am the new Chelsea Manager

I’m excited to be the boss

We’ll take one game at the time

And win everything, even the toss.


I met the boys this morning

And they’re all over the moon

I laid down the law as I see it

And I’m sure we’ll play better soon.


The training session was lively

And sometimes emotions run wild

Yes,  I might have called him a muppet

But then he acted like a spoilt child.


I don’t think I’ve lost the dressing room

Players should keep off Facebook and Twitter

And let their football do the talking

Instead of tweeting words that are twisted and bitter.


I wasn’t aware Mr Abromovich  said that

I’m sure that’s a misquote

He said the board were right behind me

And I’d been given a confidence vote.


I’ve just been sacked as Chelsea manager

I gave it my best shot

I’m physically and emotionally drained

So I’m off for six week with the millions I’ve got.