Thursday, 16 June 2011

The American Dream

Hi Y'all!

I'm currently on holiday in America so that will explain the recent lack of posts. Here is a quick round up.

1 It's been VERY HOT! Over 100  degrees F with high humidity but the weather is more comfortable now.
2 We've enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones in Virginia.
3 We've had five days in Lexington and we're currently in Williamsburg.
4 I can now legitimately say I am an International poet after performing in Newport News. Thanks to Ann, Mike, Aromas Coffee House and the folks at Word 4 Word who were so great to listen and perform to.
5 The first part of an interview with me is now up on Please give it a look.

See you soon


Friday, 3 June 2011

Hymn for a Northern Dad

Bus Driver, Preacher and Engineer.
Never showed “a morsel of fear”.
Loved his wife for many a year.
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

Sturdy, like the English oak
He can fix anything that’s broke
Still cracking the same old jokes.
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad

Mum was queen, he was the king.
Has an opinion on EVERYTHING.
Taught me what it means to sing.
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad

Gave me a craving for sweets and sugar.
On occassions a stubborn bugger.
Typical northerner (not a big hugger)
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

He’s a fortress of northern pride.
Walks the moors with a manly stride
Never calls, unless someone’s died
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

Always one for talking straight.
Eh up son, have you put on weight?
Ruled the roost like a potentate
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

Won’t give houseroom to cress or rocket
Uses terms like flange and sprocket
Keeps his wallet in his pocket
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

He drinks life from a cup, full to the brim
Has never once been near a gym
I’m proud to say I bloody love him
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

A veteran of good old Music hall days
And though he has some funny ways
This is my fervent hymn of praise
Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A little FIFA poem

A Limerick for FIFA

FIFA operates without gray matter.
They ignore the scandal and chatter.
Common sense has defected,
the president elected.
I can’t believe it’s not Blatter!