Monday, 20 August 2012

Festivals and continuing education

So August has been a slower time for me with an emphasis on planning, getting bids and applications in and networking as I gear up for the return of schools in September.

I performed at a lovely festival last weekend near Limavardy, Northern Ireland called Stendhal
This is the first time I have been flown in somewhere to perform so it felt very rock n roll. The weather was kind to us and at about 9pm there was the most gorgeous pink tinge to the sky. You could hear music and appreciative audiences everywhere and it inspires this poem which i dedicate to Ross and the rest of the team who did such a brilliant job putting the weekend together.

Keep writin' and recitin'

Mark x

An August Night

Give me an open sky and let it be Irish;
pregnant with music, magic and
the kisses of angels.

Give me one evening that slows time,
opens hearts until they bond and
share the same beat.

Give me nips of whiskey between songs,
shy smiles from girls I should be too old
to notice, and above all,

Give me a memory of tonight that
will never fade, and one last sweet note
that rings for ever.