Saturday, 28 May 2011

A busy start then....nothing!

So the world didn't end.....which is nice. Especially as I have a holiday coming up and I don't think my insurance covers acts of God. Last weekend was really busy. I had the pleasure of performing at the Rickmansworth Festival courtesy of my good friends at then we headed to a friend's birthday party (See my previous post for my poem about David).

On Sunday I has a nightmare journey to London as the high strength winds blew trees on the track. I ended up driving to a station on a different line to get there. I was late for my course on "Writing satirical Comedy" but thankfully didn't miss too much of it. I really enjoyed it and I have to say, if I lived in London, I would ALWAYS be on a CityLit course. It's a wonderful resource.

Following the announcement last week of my appointment as Milton Keynes' Poet Laureate, I was on the BBC local radio Breakfast show and I had a piece in the local papers. The irony is I probably won't be performing here for a few weeks though I'm busy elsewhere.

I'm a frequent contributor to BBC 3 Counties and  I normally write a poem for them when I go in. This week's is below and the best thing is, I can recycle it in six months when the rapture doesn't happen again on 21 October.

Best wishes
Keep writin'and recitin'

Link to Poet Laureate story below

Apocalype? No!

So the world didn’t end
As some religious folk were warning
And I have to face the disappointment of
Another depressing Monday morning

You see, thinking the world was checking out
I made a few rash decisions
And when they become public knowledge
I’ll be the object of shame and derision.

I called up all my exes,
Told them they were whores
And that their sisters were prettier than them
And then, what is more

I youtubed a certain video
Of one wild and frantic bedding
Then sent the link to her fiancé
The day before their wedding.

On Friday I insulted my work colleagues
I really caused affront
I let management know what I really think
And called the boss a ..very bad name.

I’ve borrowed money from loan sharks
Thinking I’d never pay it back
And I blagged a hundred grand
By selling my council flat.

So the police will be after me
The situation’s getting urgent
Today I either face the music
Or find a good plastic surgeon.

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