Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The euphoria subsides (a little)

Well the big wave of euphoria has abated somewhat as the routine of the day job kicks in but I still have little ripples of pleasant memeories kicking in from the weekend.

I have a fairly quiet week except for hosting a charity quiz  on Friday evening and doing a turn at Cabaret Clandestino on Saturday night as part of Comedy Impro troupe Whose Turn?

I need to do some adminy things like re-order postcards and pamphlets from the printers and think about booking gigs for the summer./

In the meantime, a little silly stanza for you

Keep Writin' and Recitin'


Sad Chef

Our Italian restaurant chef
is an incredibly morose man.
You can taste it in the food he cooks
Even his pizza's dead pan!

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