Friday, 1 April 2011

And we're off!

First Poem 1/30 in the NaPoWriMo

Don't know where this one came from but there's no rule says they have to be uplifting is there?


Daily Grind or Grinding Day?

Wake. Rise. Wash. Dress.
Coffee. Juice. Breakfast

Coat. Bag. Travel. Work.
Phones. PC. Clients. (Jerks).

Boredom. Stress. Banter. Jokes.
Gossip. Bitch. Girls. Blokes.

Memo. Email. Letters. Calls.
Teamwork! Dream! Achieve! (Balls!)

Sandwich. Walk. Bank. Afternoon.
Lunch. Over. Too Soon.

Meet. Consult. Ignore. Write
Corporate. Buzzwords. All. Shite.

Leave. Gym. Change. Sweat.
Home. Shower. Kitchenette.

Eat. Drink. Go. Out.
Pose. Preen. Strut. Pout

Pull. Home. Bed. Sex.
Never. Know. What’s. Next.

Feel. Nothing. Empty. Sorrow.
Repeat. Actions. Again. Tomorrow.

It’s surprising suicide isn’t more popular.

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