Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 26 The things we do for love

A little poem inspired by a story I heard of someone who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a quirky expression of love.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mark x

The things we do for love
You’d call the police
thinking him burglar or madman,
at the neighbour’s door with
a suspicious-looking canister.
In these hyper-vigilant days
“terrorist” might even ghost into your mind.
Yet this is love and genius
in equal measures.
The gas is helium and
that man,  love-struck extremist
that he is, is saying it with balloons
making a rainbow for her in the hall
one floating, fragile egg at a time
posted and inflated through the letterbox.
This is dedication, sideways thought and whimsy
in delicious and glorious technicolour.
He’s taking risks, turning “I love you”
from plagiarism back to original thought.
This is fever and lunacy, thankfulness and joyous abandon
tinged with barely acceptable levels of fear,
just like all love. He waits for her reaction;
hopefully, laughter and wonder and not
a future as short-lived
as those of the balloons.

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