Friday, 12 April 2013

In case of emergency

I don't know why but today's poem in the poem-a-day challenge for April is an old-fashioned affair
It's unusual for me to write to such a strict metre. Two days ago, I was asked to comment on the radio about the Winston Chucrhill poem that was to be auctioned (and expected to raise £15,000). That was written in iambic tetrameter so perhaps it rubbed off.  Have a good weekend everyone!

In case of emergency….
Call to me and I will answer
In the half light of wake and sleep
If the day’s work feels like drowning
I will swim to you through the deep
Cling to me in times of sadness
You can share my steady heartbeat
In time, we will twin our breathing
When evening whispers, cold and sweet
Walk with me in times of darkness
Together we will shine more bright
Through the night and early hours
Until we welcome dawn’s best light
Call to me and I will answer
An offer made, no terms or end
Payment never asked or taken
Those who did were never your friend

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