Saturday, 20 April 2013

Poem 20 Bad Head

For the first time in three years of doing NaPoWriMo, I've missed posting a poem on the day. This was due to one of those headaches coupled with nausea that laid me low all of yesterday. It's now 4am the following morning and they say write what you know and this is what I've known the last 24 hours. I hope your day was much better!

Bad Head
A baseball cap sewn from pain
A tumble dryer full of rocks
Neck vertebrae that no longer
Talk but agitate like North and South Korea
Skull demands more space than skin will allow
A full bowl of water and the slightest
Hint of motion slops it in arcs of ache
Heat, pressure, jangled nerves
A sudden enmity to sound and light
Horizontal is my homeland
Solitude and quiet my homestead
Sleep my doctor
But no appointments available




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