Thursday, 11 April 2013

Passing Rain Today's poem for NaPoWriMo

Today poem inspired by guess what?

Passing rain



hints   at       first,

   a                 butterfly’s              wing             beat

             gentle        on          glass

building,       random    yet        rhythmical

   in duets,         trios            and        then    choirs

singing      their   chorus     of       dreams

now    insistent,  a   drumming   of    fingers,  

percussionists   practicing    paradiddles,  

beat   by   beat   by   beat  by   beat
stair rods, cats and dogs
fat splats on panes
vision turns molten

then  an      easing,       air

   between      the       drops     

    the      feeling     of       freshness

silence        slowly       gaining     the    sky,

      clouds     surfing     the   jet        stream  

  now         the        rain   

          has              somewhere          else



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