Monday, 15 April 2013

I am a cheat ! Day 16, poem 16 Choir Mates

Okay, so this feels like a cheat in a few ways:

1. It's just after midnight in the UK so technically it's the 16th
2. Technically I wrote it on the 15th.
3. It is very light and frothy but then,  a lot of my stuff is.

In my defence, I have a very busy day tomorrow and if I didn't do it this way, it wouldn't get done. I'm busy with poetry stuff though: Running a school slam in MK and then jumping in my car to drive 100 miles to Hampshire for a gig. All good stuff though. Here's the poem then, inspired by being part of a choir.

Choir Mates
We stand so close so frequently
at rehearsal after rehearsal.
Has something changed in the air recently
Is it me, or universal?
Perhaps it’s the music working its spell,
It could be some sort of fever.
Induced by the talent I’ve come to love so well
Of basses, tenors, altos and divas.
But sparks fly as touches and glances
Have been exchanged discreetly,
I think I might just take my chances
If you continue to smile so sweetly.
The urge to kiss you has me in a whirl
I can’t hold on much longer,
And when I stand next to any of the girls
The feeling is even stronger.
(I told you it was light!)

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