Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 2 of 30 Free Verse

Day 2 of National Poetry Writing Month and I'm sorry today's poem is a bit of a moan. There are only so many times you get asked to work for free under the guise of various excuses or "opportunities" so here is my response. Please feel free to add the best BS reason you've been given to work for free as a comment.

Free Verse
Why yes, I’ll work for nothing
I’m only a poet after all
I exist on fresh air
And snippets of Baudelaire
I even hibernate during the fall
Why yes, I’ll perform for tea and biscuits
That’s not an insult to professional pride
I will get right on it
You can buy shopping with sonnets
(Well you can’t, but believe me, I’ve tried)
Why yes, it will be great for my profile
To perform gratis to an audience of three
I’ve been on TV before
On Radios Two and Four
So a village hall will really spice up my CV
Why, yes I can “knock out” a poem
At short notice for your charity
I know it’s a good cause
But a round of applause
Just doesn’t say thanks like a fee
I’m sure your venue is legendary but
Payment is a right not a treat.
I don’t mean to be rude
Or have a bad attitude
But respect is a two way street
So actually no, I won’t work for nothing
It’s my profession as well as desire
I don’t mean to be cynical
Or come over all biblical
But even a poet is worthy of their hire

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