Saturday, 5 April 2014

Poem for Day 5: True Fiction

This poem was inspired by a notice in the staff room of Milton Keynes Central Library after a reorganisation (That is a true story).
True Fiction.
From today, you’ll notice Crime has gone missing
Vanished without a trace since yesterday.
Crime is now located in the West Wing
As always, find Politics, and you’re not far away
Adventure is just around the corner
Though it can’t be seen from current affairs
Philosophy you will have to think about
It is close to Sex which you’ll find upstairs
Yes, we’ve taken liberties with classification
You’ll pick it up, though at first it seems like a mess
And since we moved Religion next to Hygiene
Cleanliness really is next to godliness
If you’re looking for a murder, ask Jane on reception
(Enquire nicely to avoid causing workplace friction)
And due to overwhelming public demand
Political manifestos have now been moved to fiction
Crimes against humanity remain by management
And it seemed sensible to put Mediation by their side
Finally, if you can’t find Romance, see Jim in the stockroom
Who tells me he’ll be only too happy to oblige