Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Walk: a series of triplet poems

Today, is a  short series of triplet poems. A triplet is three verses of three lines of three words each. Here they are linked to create a narrative.

The Walk
1)    Man
The clouded sky
makes liars again
of weather forecasters.
He shivers without
his favourite fleece
circumnavigating the lake.
Further proof of
the price paid
for misplaced trust.
2)    Dog
Walk and wag.
Bounce and sniff.
Stop and pee.
Growl and bark.
Fetch and drop.
Run and Greet.
My one honest
relationship he thinks:
Man’s best friend.

3)    Woman
Their dogs meet,
sense an alliance,
run and hide.
She; time rich,
money poor, content,
not really looking.
Apologies and chat,
giving hounds chase.
Anything might happen.
4)    Café
It’s his routine,
stopping halfway for
caffeine and regrets.
Sleeping dogs lie
as if they’d
booked a table.
He suggests coffee.
Anything might happen.
They let it.

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