Friday, 11 April 2014

Love in the time of Coalition poem. Day 11 of 30

Oh dear! A "Got out of the wrong side of the bed" poem. Apologies for the grumpiness but sometimes only a moan will do!

Love in the time of Coalition
Another pale grey sky
as if Hollywood will green screen it in later
in time for the big premiere.
Underneath, life goes on in unsubtle hues;
people green with envy, feeling blue or
painting the town red.
Cut to a Waitrose car park
where a perkily attractive young mother
dressed in the smuggest of pinks,
tight enough to show she’s got her figure back
after months of Pilates with Miguel
decants her offspring from a white steed of a 4x4.
You somehow just know sun-dried tomatoes
will be a key component of her shopping list
alongside feta cheese and organic alfalfa sprouts.
I am annoyed with myself for being annoyed.
I was never bothered before but four years
of coalition government now showing their true colours,
polarising rich and poor,
penalising the helpless,
padding the pockets of party political contributors
has eroded my neutrality.
The enamel is worn and the root is exposed.
Government by the people for the people
rings hollow as the millionaire cabinet,
insulated from high street reality
claims to share the hurt. Bollocks!
Sulken 32 second apologies,
triumphs of arrogance over responsibility,
the feeling they have a right to rule,
screams ancient feudal rights
as poverty (and that is its proper name)
creeps and stalks and encroaches.

Meanwhile, champagne consumption at Westminster
has increased by 72% over three years ago.
Draw your own conclusion!

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