Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 25 of 30 Perfection Strikes When Least Expected

Perfection strikes when least expected.

He knows this is the to-the-nanosecond
instant he falls, but can’t be sure if it is because:

1 The angle her head is inclined
   as she looks up from the desk.

2 The way she undrapes her tumbling
   curtain of hair in one unthinking, fluid sweep.

3 The opalescence of her baby blues
   or the fact that for now, all she’s looking at, is him.

4 The baby pink tinge catching fire in her cheeks
   illuminating her face like a Russian icon.

5 The intake of breath he imagines sounds exactly
   like an angel’s wing folding.

6 The fact he’ll never tell her because
   sharing will spoilt it.

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