Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 7 of 30 NaPoWriMo. A free bonus poem!!

Today, you get a bonus poem to thank you for reading. The groan from the bonus poem is free too!

Best, Mark  

Tasting Menu
Taste the day.
Start with a brisk walk or a seat with a view,
a palette cleanser to let hurt or regrets,
sharp as lemon vinaigrette
seep from the soul of you.
Choose three things to savour.
A trinity of full courses   
rather than snatched mouthfuls.
Ignore the tumbled rush of the day,
luxuriate in their texture, aroma and flavour.
Ignore sound bites and dig for the real story.
Give thoughts their head,
follow imagination down
seldom seen tracks,  
rest in the satisfying glory
of tasting wine not just drinking it,
think about the grape, the journey
from vine to glass
have a better class of day.
Make this a habit instead of just thinking it.

The Value of Art
The school had a student’s artistic display
Abstract expressionism as deep as Zen
The sign said “Mark Rothko”
So I gave him eight out of ten.

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