Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Poem: Sun Dance

Day 15 and half way on the poem a day challenge that is National Poetry Writing Month

Today's poem inspired by the sun and the fact it seems to be turning up more reliably now we're heading into a proper Spring.

Sun Dance 

Sun tapped on her bedroom window
but as she still wasn’t talking to him,
stretched and yawed like a waking cat,
moving to a cooler patch of pillow.
Sun tapped again, this time managing to edge
fingers of light through the curtain’s skirts
projecting clean, bright flashes of optimism on the wall.
Come on, he said, time to forgive me.
I can forgive, but I can’t forget she snapped.
I waited for you all day and you never showed.
Do you know how embarrassed I was?
You gave your word and you broke it!
But you know how unreliable I am in Winter babe,
the sun sang in soft warm tones.
I always come for you in the Spring.
That was weeks ago.  I’ve here now. Come and play.
The last three words were whispered, accompanied
by a particularly warming beam that kissed her smooth shoulder.
“Mmm, that’s nice” she said and peeled back the duvet.
The sun, needing no encouragement,
flooded her open upper body,
nibbled at her neck, shots of Vitamin D
started to kick like caffeine, playfully and suggestively
picked where the nightshirt guarded her breasts.
I’ve seen you naked before he said, come and play.
She relented, kicked off the bedclothes and
tumbled into the shower for decency’s sake
before layering scents and perfumes by routine
then shucking into her best denim shorts,
favourite strappy top, which although like all the others,
somehow made her feel sexier.  
It was only five minutes from first tap to being ready
on the doorstep, no plan but with car keys and credit card standing by.
A chilled breeze instantly brought goose-bumps to her skin.
Drops of rain splashed in mocking sing-song rhythm.
The sun was nowhere to be seen.
“Bastard” she spat and went back to bed.


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