Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 10/30 NaPoWriMo

So this means we are a third of the way through the challenge and I'm really enjoying it. I hope fellow poets are too and the readers. I have a potential sticky patch ahead this week as I have to go into hospital for a minor surgical procedure on Tuesday as a day patient but I hope to work round that. The Doc seems confident I'll be back at work in a couple of days so I hope that is indeed the case. You never know but sedation and drugs might put me in a trippy place which might help me!

Have a good week and keep spinning words into webs of wonder.


Mens sana in corpore sano

Fitness and writing
are my current twin obsessions.
The gym is still a foreign county to me.
I don’t yet understand the
customs and language
but I try to be friendly.
I am learning it is not
how fast you run or lift or cycle.
True fitness is measured by
your speed of recovery.
I am slowly reading gym's moods.
Once, a gazelle wandered in
to our land of sweating heffalumps.
I have never before felt such
latent animosity.
Unspoken hive mind hatred
swelled; warm air turned frigid
in a heartbeat.
I haven’t seen her since.
Will improved physical fitness
help my writing
as I run after inspiration and
stretch metaphors?
Perhaps the true test of a poem is not
how quickly you write it, but
how long it takes you
to recover.

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