Friday, 22 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 22/30

Kew Gardens, Good Friday 2011

Today, I have overdosed on green.

From the palest tinges
that could pass for
cousins of gold in candlelight
to bold, verdant shades
that would give Robin Hood
sleepless nights.

It has also been a day of lilac and
magnolia petals strewn like
yesterday’s confetti;
explosions of azalea colour
that steals breath from
unsuspecting lungs,
but mostly green;

shades and tones that
speak of life and
preach sermons;
the quiet lullaby of nature
sung in the storm
of a city.
Colour that stills the soul,
revives hope and
dares to hint of optimism.

When it is my time,
I shall return,
hide in the boughs
of a friendly oak at closing time
and gift myself back to nature
knowing I’m already one step
closer to tranquillity,
dreaming in myriad hues of one colour:

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