Monday, 11 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 11/30

Just a quick hello from me in my lunch hour to post the latest poem. Havea great day, then a great week and keep writing and posting.

Mark x

Easy Lover.

I woke this morning
to find once more
you had left in the night.

An emptiness of
bedraggled bedclothes
spell out this
week’s episode
of heartbreak and

a note or word of apology
but you’ll breeze back
in a few days
all nonchalance and
“Never look back babe”.

I should store up this
pit churned exasperation
for the next time,
unload both barrels of bile
in your happy-go-lucky face
I know I’ll just crumble,
to see you again.

I’ll forgive you,
make plans and embrace
even though
you will leave again
and our relationship
can never be permanent.

Love asks such
sacrifice and compromise sometimes
and perhaps you too
die a little
when we’re apart.

I love you
and feel myself reviving as
I count down with the clock.

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