Friday, 15 April 2011

Halfway House 15/30 NapoWriMo

Halfway through NaPoWriMo. Today's poem is inspired by a saddish story. "Gay men removed from Soho Pub for kissing". See for full details. Just when you think we're making progress in becoming a fully enlightened society...

Fortunately I've had an uplifting experience this evening as I've  in performed and co-hosted a wonderful charity concert of talented people raising money for the Japan Tsunamis Fund run by the Red Cross.

House Rules

"I’m ain’t bigoted but…
please either stop or leave.
You’re upsetting the customers
I don’t care what you believe...

Yeah in theory you have equal rights
but not in this Soho street pub.
We don’t find it acceptable;
this ain’t Heaven or a similar nightclub.

What you call love, we call obscene
it’s disgusting and fills us with fear
‘cos being gay might be contagious
so sling both your hooks out of here".

If it had been boy and girl, no-one would blink
though you say you’d have thrown them out too.
But I can detect the ghost of a wink
as your spokesman gives the company view.

But what if, it was two girls that kissed?
Watch the change in males' attitude.
"Look at the girls, film their boobs; put it up on Youtube,
That's a floorshow we can spare latitude".

Twisted vistas of sexuality
driven by ignorance and fear of all things pink.
They’re here, they’re queer, that’s the reality
I know which camp I’d rather buy a drink.

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