Friday, 29 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 29/30 My apologies...

Nearly at the end so well done everyone. However,an apology: I'm sorry. I really didn't plan to write anything about the royal wedding. I've done a lot of that for the Mayor of Milton Keynes as I helped run her competition and for local radio. But a small detail of commentary from the radio caught my attention. This was written as the wedding took place.


Two simple chairs
in a side chapel
among the dead,
set aside for William and Harry.
A moment’s pause;
a comma in the long day’s sentence
as the world watched.

This was wise counsel.
I remember those moments
of stolen solitude from our day.
This allowed the occasion to
seep into the dermis,
a marinade
to season us for life.

There are discordant voices.
Those who don’t care or resent
the taxpayer’s pound spent
on such opulence.
My two pence?
I’d always rather fund weddings
than war.

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