Wednesday, 6 April 2011

NaPoWriMo 7/30 Addict!

Here's the latest poem in the Poem a Day challenge.


It was the rough boys at college that got me into it.
I walked into the toilets and as I
did the soft shoe shuffle of the interloper,
they danced the busted tango.
“It’s only a hit of……Maya Angelou”.
“Poetry? Are you mad?”
They tried to get me to do a line with them.
I declined but they rolled a haiku for me to try later.
It stayed in my jacket for weeks
until I tried it one midnight
to impress a girl.
It was a gateway poem and I was hooked.
I tried quatrains, limericks;
sonnets, villanelles and sestinas followed.
And just when I thought I’d explored the limits of form…
That led me on to the hard stuff:
Auden, Eliot, Bukowski.
So here I am
hopelessly, hopelessly hooked
and like all addicts
living my life by fractions.
Some junkies live for the next eighth,
I just want to score
my next thirtieth.

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