Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 18/30 NaPoWriMo 3x3 Poems

Introducing 3 x 3 Poems

I don’t know if this is an original concept or not but, I don’t recall seeing them anywhere else. Today I have written what I am calling “three by three poems”. Three stanzas of three lines; each line is three words long.

Here are my first couple of attempts and feel free to experiment with your own. Best wishes and keep going, You are now sixty per cent of the way there for NaPoWriMo!



Play for love
of the game
not the outcome.

Write to taste
words not wine
at literary launches.

Live to add
your voice to
the world’s chorus.

For Jude

Peace, light, comfort:
I wish them
all for you.

If time could
be rewound as
easily as watches,

I would walk
you back where
you feel safest.

1 comment:

  1. "Sententiae"

    Time lies like
    dogs lazing, pretending
    that all's well,

    not like men
    faced with adultery
    open at last;

    though the sun
    is warm, it
    casts cold shadows....